Token Details

Token Distribution
Total Supply : 100,000,000

  • 40 % Liquidity
  • 5 % Marketing (Lock 3M TGE)
  • 15 % Team (Lock 1Y TGE)
  • 40 % Yield Farm

Our Roadmap

Q3. 2020

Project planning and establishment

Q4. 2020

Platform design and bug fixes

Q1. 2021

Token metrics planning and release

Q2. 2021

Listing on CEX Market
Launched Yield Farming
Listing on additional exchanges

Q3. 2021

Expansion of BSC ecosystem
Launched BSC Multifarm
Strategic partnership agreement
Listing on additional exchanges

Q4. 2021

NFT model buildup

Q1. 2022

NFT Market beta lunch Listing on additional exchanges

Q2. 2022

Wallet beta version bulidup
Crypto API service builup

Q3. 2022

Wallet main version bulidup
Listing on additional exchanges

Q4. 2022

XIDO V2 eoconomic bulidup


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Price Data

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Validate robust contracts.